I am like the sunlight in the morning. I intensify the light of morning until you Awaken.
Until the Light Awakens you, even the Light of Consciousness Itself, you continue to dream, try to survive within the dream, manipulate yourself within the dream, pursue all kinds of goals, searches — none of which Awaken you.

~ Avatar Adi Da Samraj “The Ancient Walk-About Way”

Retreat opportunities
Retreats are offered regularly at the European Danda the principle Adidam Ashram and retreat center in Europe.

For more information about retreats go to WhereIsHappiness.org

The European Danda
The European Danda is located in a former monastery in the South of the Netherlands, close to the German and Belgium border.

In the summer of 1986 Avatar Adi Da Samraj made a journey to Europe. Devotees looked for a suitable location where Adi Da could come together with His devotees. Preferably a location that might serve in the future as an Ashram and Retreat Center. At that time the monastery was unoccupied, and the fathers who lived there before kindly let us use it for a few weeks. The monastery in Maria Hoop seemed a suitable place. Adi Da stayed here for several days and gave a Talk in the Chapel to devotees from all over Europe.

Three years later, in 1989, the monastery was bought by Adidam. Since then, the former monastery has functioned as Ashram and European Retreat Center dedicated to the Work of Adi Da Samraj. Later also the Adi Da Museum of Art was established in the building with a unique collection of Adi Da’s Image Art. In 1996, during a second tour of Europe, Adi Da stayed in the Ashram again, this time for a longer period. Ad Da gave it the name “The European Danda”. The Sanskrit word Danda means staff – a reference to the Indian traditions in which it is said that the essence of the spiritual power of the master is transmitted through his staff.

Part of the property of the European Danda is also a forest area, a meadow area with a small creek and an organic flowers and vegetable garden. It is a Natura2000 protected area where several endangered species can find refuge.

If you are interested, you can participate in volunteer service opportunities. (See events)