In all “religious” and Spiritual traditions, a great deal is made of some key individual. There is no great Spiritual tradition that is without a person at the center of the process.

The primary force and “root” of all the esoteric traditions of humankind are the Adept-Realizers, those who actually Realize (to one or another degree) the Spiritual and Transcendental Nature of Reality.

~ Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Spiritually Realized Masters of varying degrees have appeared throughout history to teach, bless, and awaken humankind. Adi Da Samraj has appeared within the ancient and venerable tradition of all Divinely Realized Masters, with the same impulse to Teach and Awaken humankind to the One Truth that is Reality Itself.

The primary spiritual need of every human heart is to exceed the paradox of mortality, of bodily existence in a finite world, and to Realize Infinite Love, Perfect Freedom, and Boundless Happiness.The fundamental Message that Adi Da Samraj brings to all is that such Realization is not only our most essential spiritual need, but our inevitable and infinite destiny. This is because the true Condition of Reality Itself is not this finite mortal world; it is Indivisible Conscious Light—which manifests as Infinite Love, Perfect Freedom, and Boundless Happiness.

Adi Da Samraj Realized this Radiant Condition at birth,

and since His early childhood, He has called It the “Bright”. He transmitted this same Realization to others while bodily alive and continues to do so via all the Agencies of Spiritual Transmission He Established during His lifetime. The principal means Adi Da Samraj employed to awaken others to His Realization, is the same one prescribed by Realized Masters since ancient times: the Guru-devotee relationship, consciously lived and mutually embraced. And the core principle of the Guru-devotee relationship is to commune with or meditate on the state of the Realizer.

The Uniqueness of Adi Da: Spiritual Seeking vs. the Reality-Way of Adidam
All previous paths, Eastern or Western, exoteric or esoteric, begin from the point of view of the ego, or sense of a separate self. Each path offers some way to be relieved from this mortal and fearful sense of separation through various methods, beliefs, rituals, techniques, meditation practices, etc.

The living human “experiential” being is not “centered” (or “rooted”) in an independent (or non-dependent) “inner self”, “mind”, “psyche”, “soul”, “embodiment”, “location”, or “point of view”. The living human “experiential” being is (within its conditionally apparent context) intrinsically non-separate—or intrinsically, and dependently, and indivisibly of a prior unity and whole.

~ The Aletheon

Avatar Adi Da describes, in penetrating detail, the feeling of dis-ease or dilemma that motivates this seeking.  He explains that these feelings grow from the one chronic activity that is the very source of the sense of separateness: Every imaginable form of human suffering derives from this singular error — the painful illusion that “I” is a discrete, mortal entity, separate from all “others” and somehow separate from the One Radiant Divine Consciousness in Which the entire play of existence is experienced. Because the illusory ego is itself the problem, the ego’s attempt to free itself is like a person trying to pick up a board while standing on it.

In contrast to all traditional seekers’ paths, in the Reality Way of Adidam there is no goal to achieve or world beyond to attain.  Instead, the devotee is attracted by Adi Da’s Divine State of Being and enters responsively into devotional communion with Him. Unlike traditional spiritual methods that seek an “end result”, this process occurs at the very beginning of one’s practice in Adi Da’s Company—and contains within it the ultimate Realization of Reality and Truth.

Avatar Adi Da’s True Function is not to teach or somehow magically “cause” Realization in His devotees. Rather, His Function is to simply Be—As He Is, As the Divine Reality-State—and thus make available the direct Revelation of Reality Itself. The devotee then “Stands in the Position of Realization—prior to identification with the body-mind—and the body-mind becomes more and more conformed to that Realization”. This happens not by any method of seeking, but entirely by Adi Da’s Divine Blessing and Spiritual Grace.

This is the “Secret” of the Reality-Way of Adidam and the Great Discovery to be made by all who freely enter into a devotional relationship to Adi Da Samraj.

The Time-Honored Guru-Devotee Relationship

A Devotee Summarises Adi Da’s Work