The Guru is The Divine Function That Arises in the “world” and serves the illumination of human beings, whereby they “Know” their own True Nature Perfectly.


Welcome to Adidam Europe

This website is dedicated to make the profound Teaching of Avatar Adi Da Samraj available, especially for those living in the European and African time zones.

We encourage you to read Adi Da’s Teaching, listen to and watch His Discourses and view videos of the silent Transmission of His Spiritual Blessing.
You are also very welcome to participate in the events, courses and retreats that we offer online and at the Adidam Centers in Europe.

Upcoming events

Conscious Light: One hour documentary on the Life of Adi Da Samraj

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Free online screenings with subtitles in different languages

Conscious Light webinar

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Free follow-up webinar for those who have seen the film

The Da Avatar Course

Multiple dates

Online introduction course to the Life and Teaching of Adi Da Samraj

European Danda volunteer days

Multiple dates

Would you like to roll up your sleeves and help out in the organic vegetable garden, in the forest, or with taking care of the horses? Come to one of the monastery service days!

Avatar Adi Da Samraj (1939–2008) devoted His entire lifetime to Revealing and Establishing a means for all human beings to discover the ultimate nature of Reality, which He describes as Conscious Light, or simply, the “Bright”. Avatar Adi Da communicated His Revelation of Reality and Truth not just through words or philosophy, but by His direct Spiritual Transmission to others.

Thus, Avatar Adi Da created a new sacred tradition—the Reality-Way of Adidam. His numerous books of Spiritual, philosophical, social, and practical wisdom are widely acknowledged as among the most insightful Spiritual Teachings of the modern world.

In response to Avatar Adi Da and His Teachings, Adidam centers and sanctuaries have been established around the world. Avatar Adi Da does not merely offer techniques or methods for self-improvement. Instead, He invites everyone to participate in a profound Spiritual relationship to Him and to directly receive His extraordinary Transmission of Reality and Truth.