Truth is that which, when fully realized, sets you free from all bondage and all seeking.




Online screenings

Conscious Light: Documentary Film on Adi Da Samraj

In every time and place, human beings have sought to grasp the ultimate mysteries of life and death.
Conscious Light offers a penetrating glimpse into the remarkable life and enlightened teachings of Avatar Adi Da and his work to create an enduring legacy of potential spiritual realisation for everyone.

Online events

Conscious Light Webinar

If you have watched Conscious Light you can register here for a follow-up webinar.



Free weekend retreat

Everybody wants to be happy, but how do you actually ‘do’ happiness?
We cordially invite you to this free two-day retreat about happiness.

Monastery service days

European Danda volunteer days

Would you like to roll up your sleeves and help out in the organic vegetable garden, in the forest, or with taking care of the horses? Come to one of the monastery service days!

Conscious Light – Documentary trailer

The Time-Honored Guru-Devotee Relationship