Awaken to Brightness Tour 2024

The European Danda – Saturday July 6 until Friday July 12

A 7-day retreat with Vanessa Kenoyer and Michael Shaw, two long time devotees of Avatar Adi Da residing at Adi Da’s principal Sanctuary on Naitauba Island, Fiji. (See bios). This retreat was successfully hosted earlier this year in Tiruvannaamalai, India.

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De Roos in Amsterdam – T.B.A.

Special evening with Vanessa and Michael telling stories of Avatar Adi Da’s work with devotees

Adidam Centre Berlin – T.B.A.

More information coming soon.

England – T.B.A.

More information coming soon.

Program – The European Danda

The program will include:

  • Unique audio and video excerpts of Avatar Adi Da speaking
  • Indepth considerations of how Avatar Adi Da is present in our lives
  • Stories, questions, and discussion with long-time devotees of Avatar Adi Da in small group settings.
  • Meditations and recitations
  • Sacred Music offerings and chanting occasions
  • Contemplative walks in the woods of the European Danda
  • Yoga and Chi Kung
  • Tasty vegetarian meals!

The cost for the retreat is 495 euro including (vegetarian) meals and accommodation.

The retreat will start on Saturday July 6th at 10am and will end Friday July 12th at 4pm. If you come from far and have a long travel time there is the possibility to arrive and stay at the European Danda for the Friday night July 5th. We charge 37,50 euro’s for the extra night including dinner and breakfast. If you want to leave on Saturday July 13th you can also book an extra night.

We can take personal financial situations into account. Please send us an email at if the retreat fee is too challenging for you, and we can consider a possible discount. We don’t want money to prevent people from participating.


The European Danda
Annendaalderweg 10
6105 AT Maria Hoop
The Netherlands

De Roos Amsterdam
Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat 183
1071 BW Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Adidam Center Berlin
Pestalozzistrasse 39
10627 Berlin-Charlottenburg

Travel Info – The European Danda

The closest airports are Schiphol Amsterdam, Eindhoven Airport, Dusseldorf (Germany)

The closest railway stations are Echt (Netherlands), Heinsberg or Geilenkirchen (Germany).

For a reasonable fee we can arrange pick up service at one of the trainstations or Eindhoven airport.


Vanessa Kenoyer

Vanessa Kenoyer

Vanessa has been a formal devotee of Avatar Adi Da for over twenty years. She lived and served around Adi Da when He was physically in the Body, and has continued to do so with His living Presence.
She currently resides at Adi Da Samrajashram in Fiji and travels regularly from there to share the direct relationship with Avatar Adi Da to all.

Michael Shaw

Michael Shaw

Michael Shaw has been a devotee of Adi Da Samraj for 45 years, and has served His Divine Presence on His Hermitage island of Naitauba for most of that time. He was present during the many years of Avatar Adi Da’s consideration about all aspects of spiritual life, and happily passes on that Wisdom when traveling and speaking. Michael has a wealth of stories about life in the Divine Company of the Adept-Realizer Adi Da Samraj from his many years of serving Adi Da directly.