Since ancient days, the full moon in July has been honored around the world as Guru Purnima, the great celebration of devotion to the Guru. To a devotee, there is no gift greater than the Guru, who embodies the Truth, the Way, and the Realization in person.

Join devotees of Avatar Adi Da Samraj to celebrate His abundant gifts of Wisdom and His liberating Blessing.

Da Purnima 2022

Saturday July 23 & Sunday July 24

With great pleasure we invite you for the online celebration of Da Purnima on the 23rd of July and 24th of July. Da Purnima, or Guru Purnima, is the worldwide celebration of the Guru at the time of the brightest full moon in July.


Please join us for a very full Saturday evening and Sunday morning online event.

Saturday July 23rd: 8:00PM – 9:30PM (Central European Time – CEST)
Sunday July 24th: 10:00AM – 12:30PM (Central European Time – CEST)

Some highlights of the program:

  • Audio and videos of Avatar Adi Da communicating His Wisdom-Instruction
  • Stories from devotees of His Blessing Presence in their lives
  • Never shown photos of Avatar Adi Da
  • Guided virtual tours of holy sites that are Spiritually Empowered by Avatar Adi Da
  • Sacred musical offering and much more!

After registration you will receive information on how to participate online.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the celebration!

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The European Danda
The European Danda